My brother

My brother is strong, loving and free,
He is everything my dad wanted to be.
He provides a great home for his children and wife,
He guides them along through this challenge called life.
He is not perfect and yet he knows,
The trees do not move unless the wind blows.
He stands tall and proud of this life he has made,
High up on a mountain in his own bed he has laid.
He has seen the falter of his own father,
With knowing this he became close to his daughter.
My brother is wise and yet does not see,
That he is everything a man should be.
He has stumbled in this hell of a life,
But to keep his head on, he depends on his wife.
He comes home from a hard day of work on the lines,
And yet he keeps his life going without any binds.
He will not run and hide like others have before,
Because my brother is better than that, he pushes for more.
He is amazing in ways most can not be,
And God I ask for you to make him see.
The man he seeks to be close to,
Is lost and confused without a clue.
He deserves so much better than that,
For someone to stop caring at the tip of a hat.
My brother will be better than what he has seen,
He will be a father to which his children can lean.
He will push through the hard times knowing he can do more,
He will grow older with the Eagles he will soar.
I have much faith in this great man I hold dear,
Because in the end He will always be near.

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