My Brother

I see my brother, ill.
I see my brother, bullied and laughed of.
I see my brother cry, I think he thinks to kill.
I see my brother, my tears I shove.
my tears run as of a person.
That is to harm.
I see my brother, I cry and he wonders.
Can there be a wrong of me.
What is wrong with me.
Should I die will I be free of them.
I want to die.
I see my brother, in the basement cold and in the dark.
What I see is red.
What I see is tears a mix.
I see my brother.
I see self-destruction.
Oh why brother.
Without you I am none.
I see my brother.
I see myself holding hands.
I see my brother.
Earth and I Nature, belong and free.
I see my brother.

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