My Brother Is a Bird

My brother is a bird
The wind leads him through life
He is mostly concerned about its currents
Constantly surrounded by other little birds,
he struggles to get the worm
If only he knew the worm could be his if he tried
He has the potential to soar and lead the flock
Instead, he flies in the back,
disrupted by the turbulence of others
He was quick to leave the nest,
but didn't necessarily know how to fly
Through perseverance and mistakes,
flying became natural
His wings grew strong and his mind learned the way
In love with the rush, he refused to come down
But then rough winds knocked him out of the sky one day
His minuscule chirps went unheard and his wings stiffened up
Discouraged by the threat of stormy weather,
he refused to take flight again
Despite this,
the flock believes that he will fly great distances some day
But first, he has to spread his wings and try

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