My Brother ‘s Keeper

The Lord God is my Shepherd;
therefore I am my brother's keeper
I will do everything in my power, with God's help,
not to become a slave to sin
I will meditate often,
so I will recognize the Shepherd's voice when he speaks
I will attempt to restore all the lives I have disrupted
I will reward all whom I have inconvenienced
I will not judge my brother, for his journey is not my own
I will embrace and appreciate our differences,
and allow God to chastise his faults
I will pray to overcome my fear of death,
for death is only another phase of life
I will respect my body, as I respect the Temple,
For it is not mind to abuse
I will shield my spirit from greed, lust, arrogance
and unjustifiable acts of survival
For each and every life is precious
I will focus on my purpose and not my past,
for it is over and I can never go back
I believe great self-sacrifice will reap great spiritual rewards
Therefore I shall forever be "My Brother's Keeper"

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