My Brother’s Last Days

My brother cried when he turned thirty years old
he though youth was gone it shriveled and died.
Forty was coming and he knew it was near
but God let him know his time was almost near.
He let loved ones know that his body was done
trying to fight the pain that has come.
He prepared his mom and his lovely wife
though times were hard he loved her for life.
He showed her the ways to care for the kids
how to pay bills and the best way to live.
He let my mom know that his time was near,
said he would miss her if she was not near.
He told me that if he should pass
to help the boys know he loved them till his last.
To love them and lead them the best that I could,
I told him that would not happen but ill do the best that I could.
My brother could not see himself getting old
he looked like twenty but his body felt old,
the pain took its toll and his body gave in,
his strength was enormous to fight like he did
trying so hard just to live.
His love was his strength his family his love.
To carry his memories to the end of our time
is the greatest love to show for this brother of mine.
The husband, the son, the brother, the friend,
the uncle, the nephew, the cousin, the end.

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