My Cape

They say I walk around like I got an S on my chest
I stretch out my neck to get respect and never rest for each check
And I do this to prove super humans exist
I can hypnotise you with words and make the globe move with one fist
I'm a superman so once the door on the booth clicks, my suits switch
and I show the world that there's truth in these myths
I can race a locomotive and stop a speeding bullet
Save the day and leave the scene before cameras recieve the footage
Am I a freak? No
I'm a genius the police loathe
The black Bruce Banner you can't control when I'm in beast mode
You can pull me apart, I always come back together
I'm stronger than vibranium my legacy will last forever
I work hard and leap buildings in a single bound
Fight an evil army and single-handedly bring them down
The only king around ruling with a God's hammer
Energizing the masses when I speak my odd grammar
I'm investing in the future because what I'm seeing is bright
It's why I work long sleepless nights, it's the reason I fight
Why I never bend, life's pressure won't make me break
The higher the stakes, I quicken my pace and do what it takes
I do the unexplainable to better my kids' fate
They are my strength, my power, why I fly, my cape

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