My Charred Rose

Your love, it was twisted and burned.
You gave your heart and left your soul.
Hopelessness and despair has always returned.
Your heart was burned, not unlike that of coal.

You feel broken.
You feel confused.
The heart knows what you have within.
Listen to my prose, you may find yourself amused.

That loneliness, to you it has lied.
You will have me, always by your side.
I've never abandoned anyone in my life.
For you, I would struggle and help you face your strife.

Brothers and Sisters, listen to my call.
Why must the sweet suffer to those filled with apathy?
Follow my example, help her stop her fall.
She should mean as much to you, as she does to me.

I give to you my oath, by Knight's honor.
My chivalrous decree, I stand to your aid.
Through sorrow and pain, your trust I will not squander.
I shall fight and serenade, until your pain has been repaid.

Through my hope, I believe I shall stitch your heart back together.

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