My Childs Reflection

I look at you,
And say dear God you're only two,
Yet the pain I once knew,
I'm beginning to see in you,
In your eyes so blue,
I see what I went thru,
I see you being used,
And your beautiful little heart being bruised,
And i know its my fault,
And regret makes my heart halt,
I did not want this for you,
Did not want you to experience what I went thru,
They say your child is a reflection of you,
I had hoped that the bad reflections would never come true,
It breaks my heart,
To see yours torn apart,
By the pain of being used as a tool,
And I feel like such a fool,
I should have run,
Taken you my precious son,
I should have never trusted those now holding power,
I should have saved you from this ever darkening hour,
My son,
My sweet little one,
Soon your pain ends,
We shall be together once again,
Mommy is coming to get you,
To save you from going thru anymore of the hell she went thru,
To soothe,
To heal the bruise,
I made a mistake I hope you will forgive,
And I shall spend my time righting it as long as I live,
I will make your life so much better than mine,
And remove you from the hands of these vicious swine,
It shall be us against them all,
And if either of us is to fall,
I will gladly choose to be the fallen soldier for you,
The one who stands and says " It's me you must go thru!
And I will not fall so easy as others do!",
I am here my beautiful boy,
Today ends the days of you being a toy.

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This Poems Story

Not much to tell. Its about my son.