my childs tears

My child no more tears.
Wipe away all your fears.
Why must you cry?
You must be about dry.
The sky so blue today.
Instead you turn the otherway.
My child, tears fall from your cheeks.
Its been a hard few weeks.
This I know is true.
For today the skys are bluer than blue.
Eyes filled with tears.
Its not been fair.
I extend to you my hand.
My child you must understand.
I give you my love.
You almost gave it back.
A few tears are shed.
But you turn your head.
Not wanting to be seen.
My child you must know how long its been.
Mommys here for you.
Guiding you through.
A tough life I didn't want for you.
Now child stand tall infront of all.
Fears and tears no longer.
Live life much stronger.
I'm thankful I got to be your mother.

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