My Choice

This dark skin, these heavy thighs
None of them is my choice;
Those awful high school memories,
Are still enough to make me freeze;
Several years have gone by,
Yet I can't keep my head high;
On hearing those comments, I used to be mortified,
That is exactly when my self confidence died;
Watching my "ugliness" being gawked at,
I felt my life was being mocked at;
Mirrors became my archnemesis,
Solitude was the only bliss;
Later did I come to this realization,
Beauty doesn't have a sole definition;
On creating one on my own,
I am amazed at the way I have outshone;
Alack, society till when will you judge me by my look ?
Let these beauty stereotypes be forsook !
I won't let my appearance define me,
I won't be the "perfect" girl you want me to be;
For my beauty isn't confined to a perfect body form,
I won't fit into the usual beauty norm;
This dark skin, these heavy thighs,
None of them is my choice;
In the protest against body-shaming,
Mine is going to be the strongest voice.

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