My Choice

The world I lived just turned around,
my words and actions hide my heart's intentions.
What I yearn and what I lost,my desires and dreams all fallen apart.

Aimlessly I travel, as the maze of confusion
And consequences before me unravel.
Thoughts of despair, feelings of sadness
All hidden beneath a smile.

Why can’t I wake from this grief?
What would I do to get some relief?
To think about that choice that left me broken,With none a token except never ending regret.

Every night, the pillow and the tears
Each morning empty eyes and a hollow smile
Torture of thoughts ,nightmares apart
Hopelessness the only constant companion.

Yet to bear with the decisions that haunt me
To emerge whole again against all odds
To survive day after day, to live life as it is,
An achievement, is it not?

My choice may have torn me up,
Yet my pride won’t let me bow down
Telling me of a tomorrow, where hope
And choices come again, to free my tired soul.

Why I cannot fathom, for life’s choices, Are seldom made right and as life goes on,
What else remains if not memories to reminiscence
Of when I conquered such pain and then,will I smile?

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