My City

I live in a city
where everybody survives
by the gun.

The devil is always
busy in my city
so many lost souls
in my cold cold City.

No respect for anybody,
No leaders, No cops,
No EMS, No Firefighters,
No jobs, constant layoffs
and people wonder why media
and newspapers label us as the

Where are the red & blues,
the protect and serve fakers
that drive around in patrol cars
and don't protect us from anything.

A city where killers,
America's Most Wanted
and Drug Dealers live
like kings and Queens
and everybody else struggles
day to day.

How is it ok for a person
to get robbed, right in front
of cops and they do nothing,
but still, there here to "Protect and Serve,"!

In my city there
is no protection or help
from civilians, people to
terrified to let there voices
be heard.

My city, is the Motor City
Detroit, Michigan and
everyday is jungle.

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