My Clarion

Sand sits softly surrounding me,
My arms wrap my knees.
Wind wisps all around me,
As birds seem to burst from the sky following a separate clarion.
The sun is in absence.
Anxiety and excitement both rise in me as the tide is,
Disappearing earth moving events to memory.
New shapes foreshadowing things yet unrevealed.
I am water waxing and waning between these feelings,
Ebbing and flowing,
Constantly changing inside and out.
A small shaft of sunlight escapes past the clouds,
illuminating part of a rock.
That's the door to go through, that's the path to take!
Then another light shard illumines a new place
Then another does.and then another.
Options abound.opportunities proliferate.choices multiply.
Which battle should I fight?
Which part of the rock should I occupy?
Which light ray points for me?
Which clarion calls me?
Can I just chase one of the birds like before and share its?

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