My clock has stopped

My clock is stopped at a point of time..
I checked on battery & found alive..
Its other parts were perfectly alright..
But hands of my clock were moving in a pace...
What is wrong about my time..?

I felt to buy a new clock,
From a branded shop.
Gorgeous... It was made of crystal & quartz.
I hanged it on the wall of my bedroom,
And Was glaring at the clock whether & when my time is gonna start to move.

I waited but no change..
I was there itself where I was standing and glaring..
What's happening.. Why my life is not moving forward When people around are moving around..
I'm in pain, wanna get rid of it.

What is that medicine that heal my scars..
How that smile will return n embrace me.
Where is my grace that was used to be..
How can I get everything back
When I'm feeling your ignorance.

Just don't ignore people who love you..
Just don't hurt people who care you.
Because when a heart breaks
Its difficult n difficult to move on
My clock has stopped where you left me.
But still my heart beats only for you..
it is the reason, yes it is the reason.

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An expression from my life.