My color is for Colored Girls

My color is purple . It has taken every rhythm and has danced and grooved to the beat that music has made and turned into a harmony of escape for my body to control and make paradise.

My color is blue. It represents the bruises that has taken every hit for every woman who’s flesh has been beaten by a man matter of fact a snake who claims love in his heart when hate has taken over inside out for years and years to come.

My color is red. It represents every pattern of love, every nerves of pain, every inch of soul, every hatred thing our colored girls have lived among and have encountered in life which will never go away but stays to determine my blackness, my personality, my mind, my body and my soul that can leave but return when finding myself again in life’s years to be.

My color is green. It represents stories of which young people can relate and find comfort in my arms to let them know that they are not alone, that they will conquer every challenge that the sins of the devil will throw at them and take them like a champ that they are.

My color is white. It is a temple that god has recreated all over again after years of damage that has been done. He has recreate me to become a messenger to every colored girl that has been damage that they will never be alone and that they will be the angels of someone’s bigger plans for them in life and after.

My color is for colored girls who have been ridiculed for the skin type that has been blessed because they cannot see how their life story is written on each ligament on their bodies. My color is for colored girls who are perfect with their hair flawless, for their smile which is compared to the moonlight, for their happiness that is painted in rainbow colors to let me know that they are alright in this world and for their personality, mindset, and moment they give to the world that is now life. My color is for colored girls who’s color is purple because my body follows every beat to the rhythmically and systematically to the music of my heart that I chose to follow. My color is for colored girls who’s color is blue and takes every punch, kick, smack to the body that causes my women to become blue. My color is for colored girls who’s color red and represents love, pain and soul that make my and my children’s lifeline. My color is for colored girls who’s color is green and can relate to my life which I’ve lived alone with gods grace of my aliveness. My color is for colored girls who’s color is white and whose body is a temple made from gods greatness and struggles that we have conquered millions of times and learn for them. My color is for colored girls who’s color is colored because we are made out of greatness and the mindset to be beautiful, smart, conquers and COLORED.
- My Color Is For Colored Girls
- Alisha Esperance

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