My Community

There are things I love about my community, like living in the city
Sprinklers in our local park, holiday fireworks after dark

Dogs are running through the grass, cats are watching cars go past
Children drawing with colored chalk outside on their sidewalks

Moms and dads sitting on the stoop, while kids are shooting hoops
My neighbors bouncing balls all day, I run next door to go and play

Closed street for a party on the block, moms not watching the clock
Plants and flowers line the street, open hydrants beat the heat

Friday nights I hear the sound of Mr. Softee coming around
Street fair on the weekend, pink lemonade with my friend

Pink smoothies with cookie straws, puppies with dirty paws
All types of kids in public schools, swimming in city pools

Something new that I have seen, yellow cabs are now painted green!
The city is not for everyone, but for me it's where I have my fun

When I grow up and see how far I have come, I will never forget where I'm from
My little Queens Community makes me the person I want to be

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This Poems Story

I am eleven years old, and my poem called "My Community" is dedicated to the greatest family in the world. Their love and support guide me every day. I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Queens, New York and these are some of my experiences. I look forward to many more to come. Home is where my heart is.