My Compound

i loved my Compound,
having bamboo fence around,
My father planted the hibiscus plants,
to strengthen the fence,
He thus save the money ,
to renew the fence yearly,
we had certain medicinal plants,
jasmine and a plant with yellow flowers,
grown wildly in our fence,
the bulbul birds always made its nest,
and rested in the small plants grown wildly,
Apart from the green wild fence,
there are not many trees in our compound,
like a malnourished lady,
there are one or two wild trees,
we get plenty of cashew nut,
from the only tree grown wildly like a king,
the squirrels and crows rested in its branches,
the only mango tree is very thin,
but grown a lot towards the sky,
fruited rarely in a year,
The Jackfruit tree is so happy and agile,
fruited only in April,
we played with our childhood comrades,
on all week days,
father cursed his grandparents,
for providing a non beneficial compound,
when he got a chance,
he sold our compound for very cheap rate,
they cut all the trees and transformed into a road,
i cried in my heart a lot,
he didnot remembered,
it was beneficial for our bulbul birds,
its provide fruits for the squirrels and crows,
rare birds came and rested there,
he destroyed a habitat ,
which protect our ground water,
we lost a place,
to play with our comrades,
we lost our rare medicinal plants,
there was a pain in my heart,
for a long time,
thinking about our compound,
and its still persists in my heart,
no one understand the pain,
deep down in my heart

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This Poems Story

an old memmories of our compound in childhood days