My Confession

I have a friend, who's smile is so sweet,
but, she puts on the mask every time we meet.

She is a girl so generous and kind,
but, I am always afraid of her Dabangg mind.

She loves watching bullfights, which I fear the most,
but, she is such a brave heart, whose fears are just lost.

She has fought depression, with full bravery and might,
and she knows how to deal, with the odds within the fight.

She is a little weird, and, a bit crazy,
thus, her constant thought makes me quite lazy.

She is so adorable, and, her haircut so unique,
she wears the gilded glasses on her red and rosy cheek.

She is such a chill-pill, with no pressure at all,
and she knows how to stand whenever she fall.

It's difficult to screw when the problem is too tight,
and believe me, when the world is moving left it's difficult to move right.

She knows this very well in her very own life,
how to cut the problems, with the blunt edges of knife.

This is all true, with not a single exaggeration,
she can face bravely, every damn situation.

I am always excited, to meet her every single day,
and, I really wish our friendship will go a long long way.

She wears a beautiful smile just behind the mask,
and, to maintain the blooming gesture is my ultimate task.

This is a poem in which I confess,
my thoughts, my feelings, and the emotions I possess.

Please forgive me Ishika, for any mistakes I've committed,
and, hope you will never forget, your happiness unlimited.

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This Poems Story

I met Ishika when I was in class 12, she was gorgeous, but I knew that this wasn\'t my cup of tea, I mean I had never talked to any girl earlier in my entire student life, i and Ishika used to go to the same chemistry tuition, it used to be at 5 o\'clock in the morning, so one fine morning I met her in the way, I bade her good morning(well quite hesitatingly) then we started talking to each other while talking to her I was always lost in her sweet voice. Then one day she asked if I was on Instagram(this is the biggest regret of my life) I replied no(coz I didn\'t have any better answer). That day after reaching home the first thing I did was made my Instagram account, after a few days I asked her about Instagram(not directly coz didn\'t want to behave like a despo) but she said that she has deactivated her account...................... FOR REST OF THE STORY YOU CAN HEAD OVER TO MY INSTAGRAM AND DM ME AT (the_travellerr_2020)