My Confession

Seems like my efforts are in vain...
And my mind is fully drained ..
Trying my best to find my way...
Before I clinically go insane..
Recession got the best of me..
But, I'm steady flying straight..
Don't want to fall off the grid...
Don't want to make any mistakes..
Now I'm living trying my best..
I'm still praying for my peace.
I'm just asking for a break..
Made some mistakes, But need a job...
Went back to school to better myself..
Student loan debt my life is hard..
cursed if I do...Cursed I don't..
Always willing never won't...
give up...Always try..
never lose ... never die...
That's my soul I can't help it..
like Vince McMahon I love to fight
I had some highs I had some lows..
I pray the lows can go away...
Searching for highs just like the sun..
feels so good to be number one.

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