My confession

Never in my life have i been treated so well,
With you in my life i almost forget I’m in hell,
You looked me in the eye and lent me your ear,
Said “I will not judge you so speak without fear,
Share with me your secrets and i will help you heal,
Allow me to show you that salvation is real”,
Never before had i let someone all the way in,
This was uncharted territory where would i even begin,
A storm was brewing my tears the raindrops,
Yet once i started there was no way i could stop,
You sat there in silence but i felt you urging me to fight,
As i brought demon after demon into the light,
So many sins on my conscience how could i ever atone,
Still you held me close and promised me i was no longer alone,
This burden i carried always held so much weight,
I believed that being broken must just be my fate,
I couldn’t imagine that one day i would meet,
Someone that would stand at my side and help me defeat,
Conquer the demons that plagued my life,
A partner in this struggle no matter the strife,
Even when in my ignorance i push you away,
I may not deserve you but by my side you stay,
I can only hope that one day i earn this love you give,
You saved me from myself so it is for you i live.

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