My Corner

All alone in my corner, back pressed against the wall,
My eyes dart side to side, taking in the room in all.
They take in the old chair, the old door,
And the patched couch where Mama sat.
They take in the worn rug, the chipped floor,
And the rack that clenched Papa’s hat.

All alone in my corner, as the shadows creep in,
My mind begins to wander as I think it all again.
I flash back to the stone fireplace,
When stockings hung above it.
I flash back to a sparkling of face
As children cried “I love it”

All alone in my corner, with all those times misplaced
My heart begins to swell, and a tear runs down my face.
There’s no more Mama, no Papa here,
Only furrowing of brow.
The harsh sound of silence in my ear
Reminds me I’m alone now

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