My Covid hope

Corona and Covid disrupted this year.
Leaving the world confounded; paralyzed by fear.
Lives lost in droves,too much sorrow to count.
Everyone shrouded under storm clouds of doubt.
Sanitized, distanced with no social contact.
Not shaking hands is deem a charitable act.
Coughing, sneezing, wheezing, overheating.
Everyday is a gift,can you feel your heart beating?
Being unemployed is a fight to survive.
I thank the Lord daily that I am alive.
Appreciating food more than ever before.
Being with little to none makes you value it more.
Freedom of movement,a basic human right.
Forcibly taken like a thief in the night.
Police presence heightened.
Everyone's frightened.
By the cynicism, suspicion and caution on the rise.
Looking at each other with mistrustful eyes.
This mask stifles my feelings and my breathing.
Faith is being tested,emotions are seething.Facing trials seems to be our lot in life.
Somehow I see light amid all this darkness and strife.
Hope Springs eternal,the world is now one.Friends, family,strangers United under the sun.
With faith,hope and prayer the world is now stronger.
So long Covid, you're with us no longer

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