My Cry

By Efunny   

I cried out,
I waited
in anticipation,
For I have always believed.
And He has miraculously showed His presence in the rear view mirror,
never failing.

I cried out,
I searched and yearned,
for this time I’m sinking.
Like the quick sand, the woes are looming larger,
and I’m sinking fast.
Where are You?

I cried out,
shaking my body and my being.
A crack in my precious jar of faith.
Deep sorrow emerged from within.
Torn between the crack and the precious content, now vulnerable.
I paused.

With all my might, I pulled myself out of the sinking sand.
Spent but no longer sinking.

I’m lost.
In the darkness of hope,
I see no way out.
But I treasure my jar and I remember the revelation in the rear view mirror.
I fumble forward, lost in the wilderness,
weight slows me down, thorns pierce me, I’m bleeding now....

I need a light,
no matter how faint,
to see the way forward,
if not, let me just take one step at a time, safely.

Have mercy.....

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