My Dad

I can see it in his eyes when he comes creeping in.
He's been somewhere he promised me he'd never go again.
He thinks that I won't know it. He thinks that I can't tell.
But he forgets how many times he's put me through this hell.
The deceit is never-ending. The betrayal . Silly lies
. How can he even sit there and look me in the eyes?
I've cried so many tears.
I feel so all alone. He's sitting right beside me,
But he's not really home.
This drug has taken over him. It's eating up his soul.
It's made his heart so ugly. Black, like a piece of coal.
I try to stand beside him.
I try to give him love.
I beg him to love me more than it, but I'm not good enough.
This burden is so heavy. I cannot tell my friends.
I pray to God to help him. I pray it someday ends.

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