My dad

When I was a child I looked up to my mom and dad,
Always wanting more, because I did not realize what I had.
They worked so hard to make a great life,
That is why they stayed as husband and wife.
Looking back over the years, I wish the innocence would have stayed,
What could have been if I would have prayed.
My dad was my dad as tough as could be,
My mom was stern but very sweet to my brother and me.
So many words I want to say,
But in the end I dont want to ruin the day.
I pray hard now that I am older,
To have my dad around to cry on his shoulder.
But He finds himself to busy now,
Why I sit here and ask myself how.
How can a man be a father and not be around,
The ones he created and gave life and sound.
I find him talking about everyone else he has met,
About how great a game was when he won a bet.
What about me, as your daughter do you hate,
Was it Gods mess up when he gave you this fate.
I wish for you to be happy too,
That is why I always say I love you.
Hoping you will open your eyes,
And be honest and not tell lies.
I may not be as perfect as you want me be,
But in the end I know who I am, I am me.
I do not drown myself like the ways of others,
And did you forget about the life of my brother.
He works so hard, and knows what to do,
To not be like that man you hate within you.
He found himself down the same road you had took,
But he learned real quick, that is not how he wanted to look.
I feel bad you find yourself when your not with us,
For a while I felt that this was unjust.
The only thing I can  do,
Is just be here to say I really love you.
You will always be my dad,
Even if this isnt the life you wish you had.
I hope you find the peace you have been looking for,
Just be careful to not close this door.
Before you know it you will be alone,
With no one to see you, or call you on the phone.
But wait that is right,
You will find someone on a Saturday night.
I am not saying you are a bad man,
You can do better than you think you can.
Thats why God blessed you with your son,
So it makes no sense when your on the run.
Stop and take a break to see what you have already here,
And learn to cherish those moments and hold them dear.

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