My Daddy Went Away

you said you couldn't walk, You said the pain was bad
you said you loved me, I love you too, dad
the ambulance came and they took you away
I was so scared of What would happen today
the doctor said it was bad He wouldn't live through the night
I knew my daddy was strong and he would fight
I was sixteen and so so scared
I stayed in the waiting room Until it couldn't be bared
I walked by his room Just back and forth
until I saw it was morning and thought the doctor was wrong
I leaned on his door jam and saw mama giving him water
she always took care of him She was a great wife and mother
he began to choke
my heart fell to my feet
he looked at me at that moment
and I knew he had been beat
I ran and ran
my daddy was gone
how could god take him? How could I move on? That day I was mad
I was mad at god, He took my daddy away. How could you do that god?
I have never got past what I saw that day
my thoughts and dreams still haunt me to this day.

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