My Dark Secret

They say you always chase that first time,
Horrible taste but an unbelievable high,
It feels like your closer to God,
I remember being so strung out on coke,
My buddy showed me a little bag,
I thought it was a joke,
He said " try this, it will bring you down",
I snorted the bag and I almost hit the ground,
It was snowing out that night, so we went to a store,
It hit me so hard with the nod, I couldn't puke anymore,
That poison running through my veins,
But I kept doing it becauseI was insane,
A couple months and a few od's,
I realized I was caught in a terrible disease,
Sick all the time, doing grimy things,
We would steal anything for another hit,
Finally couldn't do it anymore,
I remember going to that clinic and opening that door,
Getting on my knees and realized I was a junkie,
It was tough going for awhile,
But in a few months I was able to smile,
I try to advocate to all the kids,
I tell them you don't want to do what I did,
Cleaned up now and life is good,
Just stay straight like you know you should.

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This Poems Story

I am a 41 year old dude who likes to dabble in poetry. I wrote lyrics in a band for awhile, so I can definetely rhyme. I always write from the heart and always through life experience. I went through some dark points in my life and this poem expresses the darkest yet. I struggled with addiction for a long time, but thankfully beat all of that. I always try and convey a message with my words and hope this one brings it home. I really hope you enjoy this and can feel the message written into it.