My Darling

Look at yourself
Your time will come along
For you to be swept off your feet
And to be sung a song
That time is not now,
And I know how that hurts
As you ask yourself, “how could this get any worse?”
She may be happy now
But in six months she’ll drown
In a pool of her own tears
Over how he let her down
Now don’t you get your hopes up, silly
That day isn’t quite soon
There’s better things for you to do
Than dream of a honeymoon
My darling, you’ve just had a rough night
You think you’ve been set up
My darling, you think she’s the one
You must not know true love
Deep down you’re just distracting yourself
And everybody knows
This mess you’ve got yourself stuck in
Is really just a hoax
My darling, go to sleep tonight
And soon enough you’ll see
You wake up tomorrow in search of him
The only subject of your dreams

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