My Darling Betsy

Love is but a word that cannot adequately express my feelings towards you. Let me try and write in a very humble man’s words what I am trying to say.

I was blessed with finding, and then to marry a very special girl,
who showed a young man the meaning of love.
What a joy it is to recall those times as we discovered life and love together.
Your youthful beauty and innocence was a gift to me beyond compare. How can I thank you?

I was blessed with knowing a beautiful young woman and together
having a family of four wonderful children. How can I thank you?

I was blessed with the support and patience of a beautiful woman
as our lives unfolded before us. We will fondly remember the good
times, as well as the times of struggle. How can I thank you?

I was blessed with a wonderful, beautiful woman that is a caring, giving, much loved, mother and grandmother. How can I thank You?

I was blessed with a loving woman that has always carried herself with a beauty and grace, never to grow old in my eyes. How can I thank you?

As a young man I loved you more than I thought imaginable. As the years moved before us I couldn't believe that I could possibly love you more, but I did, and I do. As each year went by the blessings of this love have grown and grown. The anticipation and excitement you have brought to my life has made each new dawning greater then the next. How can I thank you?

Yes, it’s only a word, but l know that in these four letters live all of these feelings that I have for you.

your loving husband Jim 5/18/94

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