My Dear Beloved One

Evil energy emerges enormous explosions erupting!

Walking through the lowest depths of hell.

Slaying every demon that crosses my path!

The Shadows Of Darkness disappears.

As I shine my light onto this world.

The Divine Light Of The Heavenly Kingdom!

Heaven is awaiting our arrival.

I rescued the widow!

I picked her up, I spread my wings, I took flight, I started to sore!

Through the air into the clouds the planets are beneath me once more!

I had to fly at a light speed pace! Just to race through Heavens front door.

I held her gently with a lovely embrace. I was standing on the Heavenly floor.

She looked at me, then smiled, with a gorgeous face.

She said (How can I repay you for I am poor!) I said (If that's the case.

I expected nothing in return, I love you more! You are the woman that I truly adore!)

We made into Heaven from Hell we came.

I said: (Welcome to heaven miss. What's your name?)

She said : (My name is Sweet Serenity. My dear beloved one.)

Created by: Mr. Whoop Frog
Date of: 06/16/2016 ©™

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