My Dear Child

The paint on the pale blue barn is crumbling.
Sir, the paint is failing and I need to repair it.

Please let me go, you don't understand.
I have what I need. I have a paintbrush in hand.

Please let me go.
The barn was once so neat.

It was my responsibility to keep,
Yet I have let the cracks grow too deep.

The paint on the barn is crumbling.
Please Sir, I am on my last string.

Let me repair it.
I know that I can.

It is my fault it is wasted.
It is my fault it can't stand.

My dear, dear child, you must understand,
The barn has been fixed with my mighty hands.

The cracks have been smoothed.
The paint is made new.

I fixed the barn.
And I did it just for you.

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