My Dear Friend

Remember when we were kids
Happily running and doing half way skips
Those moments never leave my mind
They're always there to stay behind
Now you see, things are different
I see the world all crystal clear and vivid
Momma always begging for mercy
I was doing the same but little did she see
Daddy always praying for God to take him away
Little did he see that his little girl was thinking the same way
It's the greatest thing meeting a guy
The whole world belonging to you until he says goodbye
Memories emerge to the surface and never erase
Falling in love is easy, enough effort to finish a race
Call it a glitch but I call it a heartbreak
It's something I'm used to but I see it as a mistake
You're at sane, calm and peace; beautiful and still
While you left me behind in a world that contains war and ill
My dear friend, you're 6 feet under the grave
While I'm 6 feet above ground trying to be brave

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