My Dear Little Mist

To her I own my light, my happiness.
Even in my darkest night, abandoned by moon and stars alike,
her love, as deep as the sea, is there to guide me back.
Only a dog but so much more, in the darkest hours,
she is as bright as firelight.
Lost and distant, unable to find a light,
I called and I prayed someone might hear my plight.
An answer came, guiding me to her flame,
her boundless love burning bright.
Lonely and confused, her heart crying for anyone to hear,
a thin and sickly thing left to wither away,
in the cold of a world she had barely lived.
But a flame won't easily be forced to lay,
nothing more than an ember in the ashes,
sparking to life to chase the darkness away.
Beneath a dull hide, and a pain deep inside.
Her heart reached out, and at once I knew that she was mine.
Sick as she was and terrified to her soul,
the precious crawled forward and her love came to flow.
Through her darkest hours, I was there, tending and caring to her.
Unaware, such a frail thing had captured my love.
Chimes blow in the wind, and the night has come to an end.
She brought to me a light, something I cherish every night.
In my darkest hour, the worst of moments,
I feel her love that has no end.
To my dear little Mist, my little one,
my light through the dark, I will love you until eternity is no more.
Because, for me, you are more than just a dog.

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