My Dearest Bright Eyes

It is I again, thinking about you tonight-I don't know where
you are out there, but I do know my heart tells me you're looking
for me and just as am I, I'm standing on top the world
looking down for you, the man in my heart. I can't feel you,
but I can see and hear you, the man in my heart that was
long ago pulled apart from me. I could only wonder and dream
of touching you again-how it would make me feel, standing up here
looking down for you. My lonely, lonely nights and days are
gray; if I reached out and touched the rain, it just wouldn't
feel the same. To touch you, to kiss thy lips and look up
into thy bright eyes again.lately, my hopes are small,
leaving me still all alone, letting the fire rage inside,
hoping some day soon I will get to show you my love for you.
I can stand on the world and face a mountain, but I could
never climb it alone. The sun shines down, but the nights
without you grow cold; only you are the one I want to hold.
Why, I'm young and only you are the one I want to hold as
we grow old. When I look up at the stars, I wish on a star that
somewhere you are thinking of me too. And at night when everyone
is sleeping, I'm up thinking that tonight till tomorrow, I hope
you'd be holding me tight. And there's nowhere in the world
I'd rather be than sleeping and dreaming with you, endlessly.

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