My Dearest Friend, My Teddy

To have met you and forgot you...
Oh, how can that be?
We were once so close.
We would tell each other anything.
Our secrets, our dreams, our fears...
We would go everywhere together.
Until one day I left you...
Oh, how can it be?
How long did you wait for me?
Till you knew I wasn't coming back for you.
Oh, what a friend was I, just to have left you and forgot you?
Oh, how I failed you as a friend.
As I finally go back to that place where I have left you...
You were gone...
Teddy where have you gone?
Please don't forget me my dearest friend.
For one day I will find you.
As years go by, I return to that place where I lost my friend.
As I gaze upon a hole, where I reach down,
I found you, my dearest friend, my teddy.

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