My Dearest Friend

I am content and comforted.
I wonder if the world in my mind will become reality.
I hear my dearest friend whisper our secret language.
I see waterlogged blurs cross the morning sky.
I want to feel the cold touch of the mist above.
I am content and comforted.
I feel tranquility when my friend encompasses me.
I touch the rough scales of a friendly fish.
I worry about not having this calming friendship anymore.
I cry to know what is happening to my realm of peace.
I am content and comforted.
I understand that my friend is dying, and I will not leave it alone.
I say the most magnificent feeling is being close to your friend, even if you are both dying.
I dream of being enveloped by my friend at death.
I try to breathe, but give in to the friendly fingers of my aqua surroundings.
I hope to know the confinements of peace.
I am content and comforted.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written out of my love for water.