My Demon

She was my best friend, But I wasn't hers.
She was always around, Why wouldn't she go?
I hated her so much
But the truth is I loved her
She was a part of my life, I could not let go.
She's made me so happy, destructive and sad.
She's given me tremors, Oh the horrible pain!
Why did I love her? She ruined my life
She took the good in me, But she didn't care.
She left me alone: I was sick and I was scared!
She took all of my money, She made me a ghost!
I was so ashamed, I wouldn't show my face.
I hid and felt ecstasy, while she showed no grace
I've beat her for now, She's gone, but for good?
I'll fight her forever, The battle's not won!
Her name is Addiction, She's ruthless and cruel!
She's show's no prejudice, She'll come for you too!
She'll show you no mercy, And pretend to love you.
Always say no, One time and your lost!
She's so hard to beat, And you'll love her so much!
She'll take away your family, She tried to take mine.
But I didn't let her, My boys mean more!
I took back my life
She'll haunt me no more
My demon is gone
I love her no more!

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