My demons

When you left, I found peace in the demons within,
Lost in the void where my thoughts begin.
I wanted what I thought was mine, torn apart,
But perhaps you were just a fleeting part.

In the depths of despair, I lost my way,
Guided by shadows that led me astray.
Yet among the chaos, a truth did spark,
Those demons were with me from the start.

But as I walk this lonely path alone,
I realize now, you were never truly gone.
For in the shadows where my demons reside,
Your memory lingers, a haunting tide.

I cry for the loss of what could have been,
A love once cherished, now just a dream.
And though my demons keep me company true,
They cannot fill the void left by you.

So I'll wander on in this darkness deep,
Haunted by memories I struggle to keep.
Wishing for a love that tore me apart,
Leaving behind only a shattered heart.

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