My Desparate prayer

I'm completely stressed out
and I don't know what to do
so I take a long walk
And try to think things through

the road is long and dark
breeze is blowing through my hair
Inhaling a deep breath
i start my pleading prayer

My Heaveny Father,

i just want my faith back
i just want to believe
i just want to love you again
please take this hate and confusion from me

entirely too much has happened
way too much time has gone by
I have so many unanswered questions
and I really need answers to my cries

My heart is so full of hate
it has become quite the norm
and I'm afraid very soon
I won't be able to ride out this storm

Lord I'm weak and confused
I'm so tired and all alone
and all I want to do
is just die and come home

humbly kneeling on my knees
drastically clinging onto your yolk
im desparetly crying out to you
My Heavenly Father I respectfully envoke

heal me Lord
make me understand
I miss you oh God
please stretch out your hand

In Jesus name... Amen

By Tamatha lynn Baker

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