My destiny

I saw my pain but I didn’t lived it
I saw the many tears that my eyes would drop, yet I didn’t felt them roll through.
I saw the blood scatter on the dirt but I didn’t felt the spear go through
I saw myself leaving the light and forgetting who I was for a moment in time.
I saw the sight my eyes would see, but I couldn’t relate to the world with in.
I saw the many thoughts that I would have, the many decisions I would make.
I saw me going around the same slope, walking in the shadows of my soul, living in the light of the unseen and the world that is blinded to my being.
I saw the beginning and I saw the end, I saw the pain and I saw the love shared.
I saw the many paths that souls would take and the many ways we would hurt ourselves.
I saw creation as it would be created, and the devastation that hate and love created.
I saw myself in the middle of it all, in the disbelief of accepting myself once more.
I saw my being torn, once in my essence and once in my inheritance
I saw my life before my eyes, I accepted it all for the love of life

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a dejavu moment in my life