My Devouring Love

In my heart there lies a moor, a ravaged plane for evermore,
A ravaged place of love and loss, bounded by four walls, not crossed.
Where will my weary soul reside, for there is nothing left inside,
This isolation kills me slow, amidst the anguish I bestow.
My love is absent, for I am lone.

I see her limned by ghostly cries, whose frame shall weaken until she dies,
I see her clear through laden eyes, her beauty strikes amidst the cries.
Tears of pain cascade down her cheek, leaving me so helplessly weak.
I sit there silent, forlorn with no motion, admiring the beauty of an emotion.
My breath is absent, for I am stone.

Her poignant face is lifted high, off her gaunt frame with a sigh,
Tears of loss stains her soul, as she cradles an aura as black as coal.
I feel my soul chill to the bone, the notion of love spawns an uneasy groan,
I pace my rapid breaths from shock, her eyes avert which then we lock.
My sight is absent for I am in awe.

hold the gaze for a minute till, her weeping stalls to a still.
Her eyes are like a fragile dome, obscure in meaning I'd have to roam.
"What is thy name" I desperately call, "Lenore" she shrieks and resorts in a bawl,
She places a palm against the wall, and hoists her frame to impede a fall.
My love is present, for there is no flaw.

She drags her feet against the rot, at last, we shall now join the dots.
Her soul is scarred, so sensually bleeding and marred.
She bears the pain and carries a smile, I can’t deny her; goddess of Emerald-Aisle.
She reaches out her tender hand, so coy yet merely grand,
My love has exceeded.

Then, swiftly the raven swoops, dissipating the love with an indifferent “oops”.
This oddity of a creature, scrutinises Lenore like a valuable sculpture,
His beastly talons clutch Lenore, whisking her gaunt frame towards the door.
My heart crumbles, to fragmented mumbles.
The raven turns its head and quoth "never-nevermore"…

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