My disability mind

By Smiley   

Living in a world where your present self define who you are. Can't I be the way I am? Why do people have to be normal to fit in .My disfigured mind was like an eight year old kid who was born in 1990.

Tick tock tick tock 1, 2 ,1, 2 voices started to mimic in my head. Questions were asked if I get them right then I live if wrong I die. Can death be the only word in people mouth?

In the year 1990 I got into a car accident I was ripped badly but I got saved by the mighty one known as Alpha and Omega . Dressed in a white gown . Spending 227 days in the system was a pain in the neck.
Being a survivor was not something I expected. Living a life with a disability mind which faced sorrow and depression for many years.

I survived the system! But my peers and family didn't. Life is for living and death for the dead . Let life be like music and death remain a note unspoken......shhhh...

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So its about how society treats you if something bad happen to you.The \"system\" is the society and community because they are the first people to judge who you are. People can only say negative words about you and not positive words.