The way i was conceived and to whom,sums it all up.
Parents whose life was dysfunctional and unstable.
A mother who had her own emotional baggage to bear
And a father who did not care for anyone but himself.
At age five i moved to where, they thought life would
be better there.
I got only one visit from a mother, who cease to be
there and twice per year, came the father, i swear.
Life as i knew it cease to be, as my innocent state
of childhood disappears.


I was surrounded by child abusers, child molesters
and child slavery, mistook for love deceivingly.
They trusted everyone around them clearly, so blinded
by all, yet they stare, right at the perpetrators daily
who smiles at them with devious smirks gladly.
I hoped someone would realize, i hoped someone would
speak up, i hoped someone could clearly see what was
happening here.
But no one saw the little touches, that was so beyond
there boundaries,the cheeky glimmer in their eyes, to
know they got their way.


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