my ER

I lay in my bed thinking what if this is God’s idea of irony
I got heart problems cuz I got heart problems mentally
Inadvertently participating in western idolatry
Cuz I haven’t leveled off properly
And now my blood pressure’s not leveling off properly
Pretty ironic I guess
Giving me a sense of the pain I’m causing in my chest
Maybe a little more effective then sending a text
But I don’t know maybe I’m wrong
Maybe I’m putting words where they don’t belong
Maybe I just got a lot of heart like ride along
Maybe I spend too much time worrying
Never remembering the sparrows who never stop flying
Its time for me to stretch out my wingspan like a vulture unafraid of the culture
Ready to spread out my wings
And soar
Cuz I know my God is alive and unstoppable like a lion ready to roar
I know my rhyming’s poor and my beats pretty weak
But this is the medication to get me through the week
I’m almost done taking my meds for the day
But I’m being pretty transparent like an x-ray
Welcome to my world

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