My Escape

There's only one place I find ease
I go here to think
I go here to pray
I go here when everything becomes shambles
People can’t help
But something about the ocean speaks to me
In ways people can’t fathom
Something about how the waves crash along the rocks and mingle with the sand
It’s like the ocean is reaching out for you to grab his hand
With his appearance drenched in hues of blue
He opens his arms ready to provide
While hushed moonlight arrives
The moon becomes apparent
This orb of serenity
Glossy, gleaming silver hues
Surrounded by his little mates who yearn to shine as bright
The moon creates a path of light between the ocean and I
Rippling soft playful waves seen near and far
This earthly pool never sleeps, never departs
And as daylight comes
The sun returns
The sky becomes cotton candy pink
With yellows,blues, and oranges in its path
Birds begin to chirp
And in this place I become calm
Day in and day out

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