My Escape my escape, it helps me fill an unknown void in my life
Even when it all goes wrong it gives me hope that I can make it right.
It gives me strength and it puts me at ease
I feel as though for one second.. I am the only person I must please.
A large sense of pride and happiness to me it brings
For like Maya Angelou, I know why the caged bird sings.
In reality, I am meek and as quiet as a mouse
But once my pen or pencil hits paper, everything comes out.
In my writing I don't have to listen or take orders at all
No worrying about being picked at or wrong, or being clumsy and fall.
I can be whoever I want to be as a beautiful, as sophisticated
Even if my world feels like it's crashing down, writing makes me elated.
It helps me to grow, and it's molded me into who I am
It turned me from someone who took anything
To someone who takes a stand.
My writing is peace, my joy and my happy place.
For with a pen and paper I write the story of me
That no one can take away or erase.

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