My Everything

Your eyes the deepest sea that I drown myself in to feel alive.

Your smile is the sun giving me light to make it through the day

Your touch is like snow in the middle of July

Your voice is a midnight rain giving me peace when I sleep

Your kiss is like water to the reddest of roses giving it life

Your love is a never ending fire keeping me warm on the coldest nights

Your laugh is a constant reminder of why I'm alive

Your touch like a cool breeze on a hot summer day

Your skin as addicting as a drug

Your love is the moon giving me light during the darkest of nights.

Your hug like the coziest blanket I wrap myself in

Your kiss the medicine I need when I'm sick

Your smile like the brightest of stars in the midnight sky

Your eyes like a never ending forest I want to get lost in

Your touch like a warm fire on a cold December night

Your voice the sweetest candy pleasing my constant sweet tooth

Your love fills a hole in my heart that has been torn open time and time again

You are my everything; my light, my warmth, my LOVE

When I look into your eyes I begin to think that this is why I'm alive.

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