My Eyes

First glance My BEAUTY gets recognition..
Your lips are sexy, Your skin is flawless, Your smile is pretty,
Your eyes, Your eyes...
Yes, what about my eyes?!
They're mesmerizing.. Thats what you see when you look at me?!
But when I stand in the mirror I see something totally different..
My lips are small, my skin is battered, and my smile is fake..
Then my eyes, my eyes...
What about my eyes?!
They're the door to a war thats going on inside of me...
A battle until the death of me between Pain and Love...
And right now Pain has a tight grip on Love..
My heart is racing..
And its causing my mind to be convinced to do the wrong thing..
How can I make the right choices with this going on..
Its kinda like Im walking in the light but Im blind...
Do you get it? Maybe not...
And I dont expect you to...
Because my mind is being controlled by a confused and lost heart..
So again I ask what about my eyes?!

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