My Fairytale

By Abby   

Growing up “ Prince Charming” is what I wished for
“Happily Ever After” is what I hoped for
But once I met you,
I knew its what I was made for

Seeing you for the first time,
made my heart skip,
Holding your hand gave me safety
Kissing you was like the fourth of July
Being with you for the first time…
I can not begin to fathom the words to describe

When you got down on that knee,
And pulled out the ring,
Then you asked that age-old question,
As those words fell from your lips,
I knew already in my heart my answer,
As that simple three-letter word fell from lips,
Joy and love overflowed my heart

One fateful day, you said “we were done”
I handed you back that ring,
As I laid it upon your hand,
I felt my heart break.
I picked up my things and left...
Never expecting to hear from you again.

A day, passed and you sent an apology.
My heart knew what my brain did not.
My heart knew that this message was sent...
From the man, we fell in love with seven years ago.
The truest form of you.
Before my brain could process that apology,
My heart sent a reply….
My heart asked,,“Do you want to try again?”

I dream of the day,
Where I am in a white dress with you,
When we look into each other’s eyes.
When we promise to love each other forever,
Then we say those two little words,
Those words go deeper than the promise.

I dream of our beautiful family
I dream of growing old with you
I dream of sitting on our porch
When I look at you and say “we made it”

Reasons why I love you,
You take me as I am
You love all of me
You put up with overthinking
These are a few reasons why
I love you

Some may say we are meant to be,
Others may say it was fate that we met
My heart says that it is so much more

The universe is on our side,
No matter how many times we went adrift,
Trying to move on from “True love”
The universe pushed us together
Our love is a love that may never die.

I promise to love you until my last breath gives out
I promise to love you in the next life
I promise to love you even after you no longer love me
I promise to keep your heart close to mine

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    This Poems Story

    I wrote this for my Fiancé. We just celebrated our 7th anniversary. My goddaughter calls this the poem of our \"Epic Love Story\"