My family divided

By Maria44   

Revisiting the pain
From memory lane
Always running from guilt and shame
Eventually it will catch up with you

My family divided
Due to my faulty foundation, of losing sight

Soon I discovered the consequences of my actions, alongside my husband and i

My perception of a life I no longer have
My family divided
By my own hands

I lost my parental rights
Adam, Raul, Christopher, Moussa, Kareem, Abraham and Camarrie
Seven sons, seven lives

All of them torn from a world they once knew
Divided amongst this government laws
Placed into the homes of strangers
Never to be reunited again
That was the game plan

No matter how much I sacrificed, suffered and fought
Soon the fate of my family was in the hands of the court

My family divided
I forgot how to be...
A mother, a fighter, a woman with purpose

Powerless over the witnessing of the mental destruction I saw taking place before my eyes

My family was on the brink of disaster, while I had lost my vision as they were still in my presence

However the moment I lost them forever
Was as I watched them slowly lose faith and hope

Not only in me
In a system that was designed to separate, conquer and destroy the root of my family tree

Which is me...

My family divided

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Lessons learned in a battle I had no opportunity in ever winning